Quick access to business information with Athena

Athena is the mobile app for IOS

Using Athena you get can easily search in a database of over 280.000.000 companies world wide, and view details of selected companies

Quick Search

The Quick Search functionality allows to find companies by entering a subset of the characters of the company name.

With every additional character that is type the candidate list gets shorter and more accurate.

For every candidate the following information is provided:

  • Whether the entity is still active
  • Whether the entity is part of a family structure
  • Whether the entity is a non-legal entity (branch)

Detailed Search

The Detailed Search functionality allows to search by entering more detailed search criteria including address details of the entity.

Instead of entering the data manually it is possible to utilise the text-to-speech functionality of the mobile.

Each candidate found gets a confidence code which gives on a 1-10 scale how good the candidate matches the entered criteria.

Product List

Once a candidate is selected additional unique indicators are shown like the D&B D-U-N-S number and the National Identification Number, in this case the Trade Registration Number.

A menu is shown with data products available for the entity.

Company Profile with Executives

Easy access is provided to:

  • Call the company
  • Navigate to their website
  • Navigate to their social media site including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Youtube
  • Further details are provided on registration number, address details, industry codes,, corporate linkage, employee counts, financials, stock exchange listing, and principals